When it comes to sealing your natural stone, there are several options.

Impregnating Sealers: These sealers soak into your stone, helping to fill the natural gaps and stop liquids from penetrating deep into the stone. This allows for easier maintenance; however, will not stop etching at the surface.

Topical Sealers: As the name suggests, topical sealers leave a layer of sealant on top of the stone. Some also soak into the stone; however, most only soak in slightly, meaning once the sealer begins due break down, the stone underneath will become vulnerable. Topical sealers must be stripped or ground down to be removed when it is damaged, which can be costly.

Color Enhancing Sealers: Again, as the name suggests, these sealers enhance and enrich the natural colors in natural stone. There are two types: impregnating and gloss enhancers. Impregnating color enhancers soak into the stone, leaving a wet, unpolished finish. Gloss enhancers are similar to topical sealers and leave a glossy layer on top of the stone to give a shine to the surface, as well as enrich the natural colors in the stone.