Honed Travertine Floor


Travertine is a warm, beautiful stone that complements almost any design. Although it is a stone, travertine is not nearly as dense or hard as others, such as granite. It is sensitive to acidic substances (juice, wine, and most household cleaners) so it can etch (dull the shine) rather easily. Travertine is similar to marble and limestone in composition, as well as chemical and physical characteristics, making cleaning procedures and maintenance requirements essentially the same. Sealing travertine will not prevent etching; however, it does guard against staining. Honed travertine is more likely to stain; polished travertine is more stain-resistant. Travertine restoration often involves filling holes, cracks, and chips in the stone due to normal wear and/or foundation movement.


Taking proper care of your travertine is important to extended the life and beauty of your stone. We recommend using a natural stone cleaner, such as Stone Pro’s Crystal Clean daily cleaner. Crystal Clean is a pH neutral cleaner with an added sealant that will not only clean but will help protect your travertine every time you use it.

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