The finish on your floors, counters or walls can change the look of a room. From a high polish to a flat matte finish, choosing what works best for you and your stone is key.

When determining the finish you want, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

1. Your stone type – the more porous a stone (i.e. Marble and Travertine), the easier it will etch. Without applying a coating that can potentially due more harm than good, etching is an unfortunate inevitability. Honing these surfaces can help hide the etching. More dense stones like Granite can hold a polish longer, as they are less prone to etching.

2Activity on the surface – choosing a more honed (matte) finish in high traffic areas and on counters can help reduce the visibility of etching and scratches. This is especially recommended if you have pets. If you prefer polished, using rugs and mats in high traffic areas can help reduce etching and scratches.

Always keep in mind, natural stone varies depending on where it was mined from and what processes it has been through during transfer and fabrication. When choosing to install natural stone in your home, be sure to find out as much information as is available.