Polished Marble Tile
Polished Marble Tile

Marble, with its inherent warmth, adds a sophisticated element to any area.  Polishing marble creates a shiny finish to the marble surface, making the stone an attractive piece in your home.  Popular uses for marble are:  vanities, fireplaces, floors, walls, countertops, tables, and bar-tops.  Marble becomes difficult because of its sensitivity to acidic substances, particularly household cleaners.  Chemicals in item such as perfumes, beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), fruits, and cleaners can cause severe damage to your marble, making it appear discolored or scratched.  This is why proper care and maintenance of your marble is very important and can ultimately save you time and money spent on extensive restorations or replacement costs.  Using nonslip area rugs on floors, coasters on countertops or tables, and quickly cleaning any spills with a neutral cleaner are simple ways to keep your polished marble looking brilliant between cleanings.


Taking proper care of your marble is important to extended the life and beauty of your stone. We recommend using a natural stone cleaner, such as Stone Pro’s Crystal Clean daily cleaner. Crystal Clean is a pH neutral cleaner with an added sealant that will not only clean but will help protect your marble every time you use it.

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