Formed beneath the earth’s crust by magma flowing into deep pockets and cooling under tremendous pressure, granite is one of the hardest stone types.  The increasing popularity of granite is a testament not only to its beauty but to its versatility and consistency.  Because of its durability, granite is ideal for tile floors, walls, and countertops. That being said, we do not recommend placing hot pots and pans directly on a granite surface but recommend the use of pot holders or trivets.  When properly sealed, granite is also stain resistant and easily cleaned.  Many builders and contractors will tell you that it’s not necessary to seal your granite; however, sealing your granite helps protect against harmful bacteria.  A study by the Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management was conducted to compare the bacteria contamination levels of an unsealed granite countertop to a sealed granite countertop.  The study showed that, after cleaning the unsealed granite with a standard stone cleaner, the bacteria contamination level was NOT reduced to a satisfactory level.  The sealed granite was considered to be ‘clean’ using only distilled water.  This proves that sealing your granite will not only help protect your stone, but your health as well.


Taking proper care of your granite is important to extended the life and beauty of your stone. We recommend using a natural stone cleaner, such as Stone Pro’s Crystal Clean daily cleaner. Crystal Clean is a pH neutral cleaner with an added sealant that will not only clean but will help protect your granite every time you use it.

If your granite is polished, Stone Pro’s Finishing Touch Ultra spray is a great option. Finishing Touch is a 3 in 1 product that polishes, cleans and seals every time you use it. It is easy to use; simply wipe on and buff. We recommend only using this product monthly and is NOT for use on floors.

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